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Equality Training and Project Support

Jules Wall Consultancy Limited can offer a range of bespoke project solutions, support and training provision in this field. 


We can support you with short term one off training and project support to more strategic support, working with your organisation to implement good equality and diversity practice. Our services include coaching, mentoring, training, facilication, consultancy and assessment. these can often be delivered in combination and are always tailored to your organisations specific needs. 

Meaningful Equaliy Assessment Workshop:

Equality analysis is a fundamental enabler for your organisation meeting the diverse needs of the people you serve.

The Meaningful Equality Assessment Workshop has been designed to support organisations embed equality analysis in to their everyday business.

The Objectives - Delegates at the end of the workshop should be able to:

  • Explain why effective equality assessment is important for their organisation

  • Identify how equality assessments can help organisations show how they are meeting the Public Sector Equality Duty and where relevant CQC requirements

  • Explain how meaningful equality assessments can inform improvements to services and client care

  • Identify what elements should be included in a usable and effective equality analysis toolkit

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Awareness Workshops:


  • To support staff and managers to meet their professional development requirements in terms of equality, diversity and inclusion (ED and I )
  • To enable staff and managers to embed ED and I in services and functions that they provide

Objectives include:

  • To share existing knowledge around ED and I and how it relates to your responsibilities in your role and your service
  • To explore unconscious bias and its impact on the organisation and its people
  • To explore types of discrimination and what impact it can have
  • To explore the meaning of ‘cultural competence’ and how services can work towards achieving it
  • To explore the legal, moral and business case for ED and I
  • To explore the importance of taking an outcome focus to ED and I work

  • To explore the importance of equality and anti-discriminatory practice as a manager or member of staff


Session aim:

To ensureproactive strategic support for the effective and sustainable delivery of your organisational diversity and inclusion strategy and outcome focused action planning.

Objectives: To explore:

  • the impact of unconscious bias across the organisation

  • the best of the past, the present and the future in terms of diversity and inclusion across the organisation (the learning organisation)

  • the identification of leadership commitments to the D and I agenda

The session is normally one and a half hours long and is made bespoke to suit organisational need and will provide evidence of meeting the Equality Act 2010, Human Rights Legislation (where applicable), Inspection Body Compliance such as CQC and the sharing of good practice.

An Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Workshop developed for a Hospice
The workshop was delivered to managers and leaders at a Hospice and used a range of learning techniques to allow learners with differing learning styles to be fully engaged. This is an example of the training that can be developed and designed bespoke to meet organisational need

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